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Oil Changes and Lubes

Chances are the engine is the most expensive component of your vehicle, so it makes good sense to take care of it. Fortunately, that’s very easy to do. Simply by having your oil and oil filter changed on a regular basis you can protect your engine’s inner parts and maximize its service life. (The oil and filter should be replaced as often as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. You’ll find that suggested interval in your owner’s manual.)

Oil Changes

Why the Need for Oil Changes?

Regular oil changes are important for one basic reason: over time, engine oil breaks down and becomes less effective as a lubricant. If your engine is allowed to operate without proper lubrication and the other benefits that oil provides, it will begin to suffer damage.

As you drive, your oil also becomes contaminated with dirt and combustion deposits. When these “pollutants” build up within your oil they can act as abrasives and wear down internal engine parts. In a sense, oil changes give your engine a fresh start by removing the dirt and deposits suspended within the old oil.

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More Benefits of Clean Oil and Oil Changes

In addition to lubricating the interior of your engine, oil reduces friction, cools engine parts, and cleans the carbon and varnish deposits that can build up. Oil forms a seal between the pistons, rings and cylinder walls, and even serves as a dampener, reducing engine noise.

Oil changes at Smalley Automotive are very affordable and provide valuable protection against engine damage. We also offer synthetic oil changes. While more expensive, synthetic oils provide a higher degree of protection and don’t typically need to be changed as often as petroleum-based engine oils. Synthetic oils don’t thicken as easily, they’re more effective at preventing engine wear, and they maintain a higher viscosity over a broader range of engine temperatures.

Oil Filters

Oil filters work to sift contaminants that can cause damage to internal engine parts, and allow the oil to flow through the engine easier. But, after enough miles, oil filters can become clogged and ineffective. That’s why we install a new oil filter with every oil change.


If possible, we’ll also lubricate the chassis - the frame and other components to which the body is attached. (Many of today’s vehicles have closed systems that do not require or allow external lubrication.)

Oil Recycling

Smalley Automotive is a Certified Used Oil Recycling Center. Whether you come to us for oil changes or you’re a do-it-yourselfer who drops off used oil at any one of our locations, you can trust that we’ll dispose of your used oil properly so it can be cleaned and re-used. Learn about the many benefits of used oil recycling.

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